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The rapid, accurate and specific detection of various chemicals, pathogens, and viruses is a key objective of the medical, animal health, agricultural, food, water management, and industrial sectors.

Human Health

The COVID-19 pandemic heightened our awareness of the need to rapidly detect viruses so steps can be taken to mitigate the spread of infection. In the case of a novel pathogen, the need to quickly develop accurate tests that can be used at the point of care is of paramount importance.

Animal Health

Keeping animals comfortable and healthy is the goal of veterinarians, livestock producers and pet owners. However, bacteria, diseases and contaminants threaten animals’ health in many ways from the farm to the exam room and even at the boarding kennel.


When it comes to the food industry, nothing ruins trust or a business’ reputation faster than an outbreak of foodborne illness. Most restaurants, industrial kitchens and food packaging plants do their best to adopt and practice excellent safety protocols, but sometimes it isn’t enough.


Applying crop inputs and crop protection products is a necessary part of running a profitable farm operation but confirming the cleanliness of tanks, sprayers and applicators, and controlling the application of crop protection products creates challenges to farm businesses and their freedom to operate.

Water Management

Access to clean water is something we all depend on. Knowing when a municipal water supply, groundwater, lake or pond is compromised can help save lives. While water management experts and treatment facilities have protocols to test for chemical or biological contamination, results aren’t always available on demand.


There’s no doubt chemicals play important roles in our lives. They protect crops, people and animals, help us create useful products and enable many of our workplaces to run more efficiently. They also require proper handling and care to ensure incompatible substances don’t mix during manufacturing, storage and transportation.

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